Emma's Life Update. (ft. Martha Stewart)

Emma's Life Update. (ft. Martha Stewart)
I’m currently sitting in my building’s laundromat, thankful for a moment with my thoughts to be still and to write some things down.

my life has been moving at such a rapid pace, and therefore hard to keep track of and difficult to find the time to share. But I want to share, I want to be able to look back at this time of my life! Somehow I keep getting in my own way. I keep making rules for myself about my blog. Like “you can’t share about New York until you’re done updating about Europe! It needs to be chronological! At that rate, I'd never catch up. So instead i'm just gonna keep moving forward, and get o the rest of the Europe posts when i can.

So, update time.

I am in love with a boy named Blaine. Still. We've been dating 8 months as of Friday. He supports me in a way that allows me to feel empowered and independent, and fiercely loved. He’s the hardest worker I’ve ever met, and I solidly believe he’s going to do big important things. His ambition is palpable.

Two weeks ago I moved to New York City, to return to Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.  I’m a Junior Art Director in the Merchandising Department. The whole move was divinely inspired, if I'm be honest. The very hour we found out about some other opportunities fell through, I had an email from my former Art Director at MSLO asking if I was moving to New York soon. It was the final push I needed, and so here I am. Welcome to New York, Emma. It’s been waiting for you.

and indeed it seems like New York decided to pull out all the stops upon my return, despite being 2,193 miles from Blaine. On my very first week, Martha Stewart herself invited the whole company to her farm in Bedford, New York. Something I was told she hasn’t done since 2002! So my friends, not only did I meet Martha Stewart. I met her on her back porch:


Emma: *gets guacamole from one of the food vendors sits and goes to sit down at one of the deck chairs. sees that the only people sitting down at the deck chairs are Martha and Hannah (head of merchandising). at first, sits down many seats away. Then realizes, “what the hell do i have to lose here? Is Martha gonna get me fired for introducing myself?” Stands up, walks confidently to the empty seat next to Martha Stewart*

“Do you mind if I join y’all? i don’t want to look like a loaner over there.”

Hannah: “Of course, come sit with us. I don’t believe I’ve met you, I’m Hannah!”

Emma: Thats okay, it’s my first week here! I’m Emma, I work in merch with Soyoung and Jeff.”

Hannah: “Oh, thats right! They’ve been talking about how excited they were to have you back! I’ve heard a lot about you.

Emma: “Oh wow, I’m so flattered!”

Hannah: Well Emma, This is Martha Stewart!

Martha: “Hello.”

Emma: “Well I feel like I already know you!”

Martha and Hanna: *courtesy laugh*

*Then Hannah starts to introduce Martha to other employee’s, and as she gets up she says quietly “I think I’m going to get drunk" solidifying her general awesomeness as she walks towards the margarita station*


Here are some photos from my time at the farm:

^^^Martha photobomb through the bushes!
^^^ just casually hanging out on Martha's Front porch!
^^^ Martha came to great us once we got to the house, and tell us that there was volleyball, croquet, bocce ball and a bunch of lawn games.
^^^moments after Martha and I became accquainted ^^^Super unflattering selfie, but who cares, cause Marth.
^^^ bathroom selfie in Martha's garage bathroom. she would have a bathroom in her garage...
^^^ the best pizza I've ever devoured. ^^^^CASUAL CROQUET MARTH

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